MSPL operate a large volume document and data storage service which can be combined with either physical or scanned/electronic retrieval of document data.  Retrieval requests can be issued via our easy to use online web request system which keeps you informed 24/7 on the status of your requests, who made them and whether or not you have approved them.

Advantages of Offsite Document Storage

  Reduce your risk from natural and manmade disaster
  Boost your compliance efforts
  Diminish opportunities for internal theft or fraud
  Free up space for offices or operations
  Trim employee, training, and technology costs
  Use our experience, technology and procedures

Document Storage

  Secure Storage
  Deep store (low cost) or Near store (High availability) options
  Document Management & Tracking
  Transportation, Shipping, Digital Delivery
  Inventory and Cataloguing

Maximum Protection

Our document storage facilities are miles away from high risk areas, yet your documents are always within quick reach. These facilities are buried several hundred feet below natural and manmade disasters, safeguarding your documents from fluctuations in temperature and humidity. They are hidden from view and employ numerous physical, procedural and technological security measures to keep your documents far from prying eyes.

Document Management & Tracking

Every item we receive is identified, bar-coded, and tracked. We provide you a chain-of-custody record, keep everything organized, ensure your documents are always within reach, and bill only for the services you desire.

Transportation, Shipping, Digital Delivery

Our company-owned fleet of trucks and vans picks up and delivers across the nation, every day. We ship using a variety of third party carriers. We can retrieve a document, scan it and upload it to an encrypted site for download. Within minutes if necessary.

Inventory & Cataloguing

Use our experience and technology to efficiently inventory and catalog your documents and records, on site or off site. We can periodically inspect your items, organize them, repackage them, and re-label them.


When you request destruction of one item or a thousand boxes, our bonded employees carefully and methodically identify, verify and destroy using the method you request. Then we hand you a Certificate of Destruction for your records.


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