Subtitling Media Services as ITES operations is the most energizing of all the Services. With the birth of DVD media Feature Films are being promoted across all countries with language not being a barrier as DVD's have the technical capacity to hold sub-title scripts in multiple languages. This helps one savour masterpieces in different languages though the language is not their native. As a BPO unit, we cater to media services by subtitling all feature films, cartoons in English, at the same time providing translation to various languages such as Japanese, French, German, Spanish and Italian etc. The movies are classics that include Drama, Westerns, Musicals, Cartoons etc.,

PDF and DJVU conversion services

Many companies now wish to publish their documentation to the web, intranet or on CD-ROM to their clients. Both Adobe Acrobat PDF and HTML format files are widely used to do this but they require special processing to form compact and well structured files which retain their original formatting. Adobe recognized this formatting problem with the introduction of their Acrobat/Exchange/Capture series of products which enabled scanned documents to be made available from web pages but still keep a compact and well formatted structure. The file format is known as Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format. The Adobe Acrobat Reader is free and can be downloaded from their web site. These factors make PDF files the ideal format for companies which need to distribute complex formatted files over the Internet but do not want to go to the expense of coding everything in HTML format. HTML format files tend to be much more compact but are more expensive /laborious to convert correctly and cannot have the same freedom of layout as a PDF file. Besides Adobes PDF formats we can also convert to SGML and TeX format documents. MSPL can also convert files into the new extremely compact DJVU format from Lizard tech. This compression format typically cuts file sizes by at least half over similar PDF format files. OCR Conversion OCR conversion Sometimes it is useful to have paper forms or documents in electronic form so they can be edited or published on CD or the Web. The process of conversion into accurate documents can be difficult, especially where formatting of the page is complex with graphics and tables. MSPL have developed our own sophisticated OCR and HTML conversion software which can accurately and cheaply convert large volumes of paper information into electronic form. Typical conversion formats include Microsoft Office (DOC, XLS Files), ASCII text files, SGML and HTML format. You can specify different levels of accuracy and quality checks dependant upon requirements. Our team of proof readers / typists can cope with large volumes of difficult technical and multi-language documents as well. Data Entry Data Input / forms entry If you send out survey forms, standard response cards, applications or order forms then the extraction of data from them can be automated and reduce entry costs substantially. Our software can read barcodes, handprint text, OMR codes and even verify addresses and signatures. If you are a mail order company or handle customer survey forms then you are familiar with the problem of having thousands of forms being returned to you and having to manually enter information from them into a database or other system. MSPL can offer a full forms processing service from design and printing through to mailroom receipt of returns and the final data capture and analysis of results. The systems we use can cope with thousands of daily returns and accuracy is guaranteed by duplicate computer OCR recognition and manual visual checking/correction. Our software can even cope with hand printed (ICR) text! Often data is too poor quality or varied for automatic OCR or form capture to be successful which means manual data keying is required. We can also accept existing client scanned documents and index these according to your own specifications. Our costs are typically far lower than in house staff Our data entry services can be used stand-alone or part of a post checking process for OCR or Form Capture Our large dedicated data entry team can perform single (one pass) data entry or a double pass entry by separate operators which increases accuracy Data entry is usually performed from original scanned images but can also be done from the original paper such as cheques, statements or other forms All data entry is verified by our own client-server database system which enables supervisors to check operator accuracy and throughput Prices are usually quoted per 10,000 characters input which means you only pay for actual accurate data Data entry services If you have thousands of survey forms, address listings, computer printouts, transaction slips, invoices or other information which needs specific data extracting into computer format then you need the MSPL data capture service. We have over 50 staff backed up by sophisticated computer automatic recognition systems which give a capacity to extract and verify millions of keystroke characters per day. Certain form data can be automatically computer OCR extracted. Examples include standard form layouts, barcodes and tick boxes. These are then manually verified to give a 99.99% or higher accuracy level. Where information is not standardized such as address fields then we can manually key the information required from image or paper. An independent operator then re-keys the data which is then compared with the original set and corrected if a discrepancy is found. Our data entry service projects have included high volume: Paper to HTML or XML conversion (including layout and table formatting) Paper to MS Office Word or Excel Transcription from audio data Data cleansing and checking Paper to SGML, Adobe Acrobat and Illustrator MSPL can also carry out additional data processing services such as postcode verification, cleansing, de-duplication and joining to other data tables.

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