All companies face the threat of potentially losing their company records and data. Digital information tends to be much easier to protect as multiple copies are quickly and cheaply made and vast quantities of data can be stored at multiple locations.

What happens to your business though in the event of a fire or flood which may destroy all of your paper records?

Most businesses have little if any protection for these records and any that do need to spend a lot of money to protect them by employing fire safes, multiple copies, microfilms or off-site storage. All of these create additional problems in the form of delayed retrieval times, especially if multiple offices require ongoing access. Digitally scanning documents can therefore give you the benefits of reduced storage and access costs together with reduced business risk. MSPL can offer either a fast 'one-off' full backfile scanning service OR we can store your documents and then scan them 'on demand' which spreads the cost over time but also instantly resolves any storage space problems. This scanning service can then be combined with us implementing a document management solution either installed on-site or contracted as a monthly paid for service.

You could therefore have millions of pages of documents stored, managed and with a migration plan to digital format all in place in days but only paying for it on a low cost monthly payment. Our FilerPro solution can be implemented at your site and we can hold a backup copy of your data on our servers ready to be instantly available via any web client in the event of a disaster at your site. This FilerPro Online service would look identical to your end users and so no disruption would be caused.

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