What is Document Management?

Document Management involves managing documents at all stages from creation to storage and either archiving or destruction.

Is document management the same as document scanning or document imaging?
No. Document imaging or document scanning is a method of converting a document such as a paper document, microfilm or microfiche, into an electronic format. Our document scanning faq's page gives more information on document scanning. Document management involves the storage and retrieval of documents and helps with information management within an organisation.

What is an Electronic Document Management System?
An Electronic Document Management System (EDMS) stores a scanned copy of a document. Most Electronic Document Management Systems use a database to store the scanned documents. Electronic Document Management Systems allow for fast retrieval through indexing systems or searches.

What is a Web based document management System?
A web based document management system is also referred to as an online document management system. It is an electronic document system that is accessed via the Internet. A web based or online document management system has the advantage of being able to be accessed from anywhere worldwide, and allows for the rapid transfer of documents.

How does this help document and information management?
A document management system can help an organisation with its document and information management by providing a well indexed document storage system from which information can easily be found and retrieved.

What types of documents are included within a document management system?
An electronic document management system can include both documents that have been produced electronically and also documents that have been scanned in.


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