Patient records management has been the key area in which the Hospitals must become more efficient in order to assist in the reduction of waiting times and to reduce administration costs. Records are a valuable resource because of the information they contain. That information is only usable if it is correctly recorded in the first place, is regularly up-dated, and is easily accessible when it is needed.

Information is essential to the delivery of high quality evidence-based health care on a day-to-day basis and an effective records management service ensures that such information is properly managed and is available:

  to support patient care and continuity of care
  to support sound administrative and managerial decision making,
  as part of the knowledge base for NHS services
  to meet legal requirements, including requests from patients
  under access to health records legislation

How can our document management and scanning services help the healthcare sector?

  Scanning backfiles of patient records to electronic format
  Implementing multi-site document management solutions
  Patient surveys
  Improving records keeping
  Enabling information sharing between professions and work units
  Allow records to be treated as corporate assets rather than personal data
  Improving co-ordination between paper and electronic information
  Maintaining confidentiality whilst legitimately freeing
  Speeding up and tracking information requests under FOI Act

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