HR departments and recruitment agencies share many of the same business problems in sourcing and managing the best staff to suit a particular client or departments staffing requirements.

Typically HR teams deal with the following scenarios:

  Production of job specification
  Placement of job internally or externally
  Receipt of CVs
  Review of CVs
  Interview and selection processes
  Award of job contract
  Employee development and review
  Day to day management of leave, disciplinary issues, etc

All of these normally have associated paper or electronic forms to log the details with in many cases signatures required. In addition, employee files need to be tightly controlled so personal details are kept that way and data protection laws are not broken.

MSPL have a proven expertise in helping deliver solutions and outsource services can be flexibly implemented and easily integrated with your existing processes and employee or candidate management systems and made accessible from any user irrespective of their global location.

Some typical projects we have completed include:

How can our solutions help a HR or recruitment department?

  Scanning personnel files into a secure digital format
  Automating CV capture and archive solutions
  Implementing records management solutions for personnel files to comply with DPA regulations
  Allowing online access to employee manuals and job vacancies
  Automating candidate psychometric analysis test
  Automating capture of CV details from paper to database

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