Used by over 50 Local Authorities across the UK, MSPL’s solutions and services help local authorities to meet the E-Government Agenda and the DWP’s Performance Standards by centralising storage and electronically scanning, filing and managing council paperwork. Our FilerPro EDM and workflow system can automate business processes involving paperwork, emails, electronic documents and links to external data enabling costs to be minimised and performance targets such BVPI to be met.

MSPL’s solutions help to reduce manual administrative tasks, such as filing and application processing, by replacing paper-based systems with an electronic version. Staff are able to view, update and track applications electronically, promoting transparency and information sharing, while improving productivity and efficiency.

How can our document management and scanning services help local government?

  Scanning back files of local government records
  Meeting BVPI targets
  Reducing 'purchase to pay' costs
  Meeting targets and tracking requests under the Freedom of Information Act
  Enabling information sharing between work units
  Allow records to be treated as corporate assets rather than personal data
  Improving co-ordination between paper and electronic information
  Maintaining confidentiality whilst legitimately freeing

MSPL Solutions to local government document management requirements:

MSPL has produced a coordinated set of solutions and services which address all of the above points and comply with current government guidelines for electronic record archives.

MSPL's experience covers the implementation of EDM and BPM systems at many local government sites and the provision of on or off-site scanning services to dramatically reduce administrative staff time.

MSPL are registered with the DPA for the processing of records and are an approved public scanning contractor for the National Archives and many other Government departments.

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